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Join the League of Curious Humans


Join me on this mission to help adults take their curiosity more seriously 👇

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🌎 Previously a co-founder of the startup Maptia

🎙️ Hosts the Curious Humans podcast

🧘 Qualified meditation teacher

🙋‍♂️ Has mentored 250+ early stage entrepreneurs

🎤 Gave a TEDx talk on the gifts of grief

👨‍🎓 Runs workshops around the world on building emotional resilience.

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“The gift of spiritual practices is that they cultivate courage, so that we will risk more for one another.”—Casper TK.

"The tragic beauty of the human condition is that we suffer so much more than we have to—because of the stories that we tell ourselves." – Erick Godsey

"The questions we ask help us build our own map of the other person’s perspective—we’re not trying to sink a person’s battleship with yes/no questions but to understand them better and create a map of their full set of beliefs, motivations, and knowledge—which requires a genuine curiosity in where they're coming from." —Buster Benson

"Courage is a measure of our heartfelt participation with life with another with the community a work a future. To be courageous is not necessarily to go anywhere or to do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences." – David Whyte

"Take the time to think what your own mental gym will look like. Training a few minutes a day can help you be more creative, more productive, and more resilient." – Anne Laure

"When you’re feeling fear, instead of turning away from it or trying to escape/avoid it … try turning towards it. Actually allow yourself to feel the fear. We don’t often want to feel it, but we have a greater capacity to feel fear than we give ourselves credit for." – Leo Babauta

"To have that level of understanding about consciousness or being you must inherently have the same, you must have a grow sense of humor about it because like that level of macro comprehension is not possible without seeing the absurdity of it all and in the natural elicited response from that is laughter." – Cory Allen

"It's as if all of our lives we've been going along on a horse and life gives us this gift—a painful one of knocking us off the horse—and something within us is curious enough or perhaps strong enough not to get back on it." —Andrew Taggart

"What would you do if your freedom and pleasure were essential to the freedom and pleasure of the world?" – Tiago Forte

"How We Breathe is How We Think." – Ed Dangerfield