Plus a 43 second favour 🙏


The Curious Humans podcast that I’ve been working on for 14 months (I know, where has all the time gone…) has just been approved by the iTunes overlords!

But as of this very moment, no-one else knows of this news besides you (and my mum), so please help me to spread the word and celebrate curiosity!

Fellow podcasting wizards have informed me that that the first few weeks of a podcast’s life are crucial (much like a humans) they need to be showered with love and support.

Listen in iTunes

🙏 So here’s my ask…

⏳Please set a timer for 43 seconds to do the following:

  1. Click here to find ‘Curious Humans with Jonny Miller’ on the iTunes store 🎙️

  2. Subscribe and if you’re feeling generous, leave a shiny Five-Star Review

  3. Finally, forward this email or share the link ( with a fellow curious human 💌

📹Bonus: Check out the 60 second 'Curiosity Manifesto' video trailer here ↝ Facebook // Twitter // Instagram.

p.s. I’m afraid that have very little of substance to offer in return for your generosity… except eternal love and appreciation ❤️