Learn The Art + Science of Breathwork

PLUS: Poetry Publishing + An Extended Honeymoon to Guatemala

Why Hello Curious Human 👋

How are you doing out there? It seems the hardship of 2020 also brought many ‘strange gifts’ (h/t @jkglei) & stark reminders perhaps of what matters most in this human existence.

Hopefully, wherever in the world you are reading these words, that you too have been able to mine a few unexpected nuggets from these bizarre times.

Personal Update.

❤️ We Got Married // On Dec 27th, Kelly and I held a quiet beach ceremony (planned in 12 days, with the help of a few amazing friends), committing to a life of loving partnership. We realise that in many ways love’s grand adventure is just getting started, yet we feel blessed + immensely excited for the journey ahead.

🚙 Embracing #Vanlife // Post honeymoon in the mountains we bought a pre-loved ‘91 VW camper van that we’re in the process of servicing and hope to be road-tripping through Mexico (with our kitten) and into Guatemala where we’ll be based for a couple of months.

Ready. Steady. Breathe.

👨‍🎓 The Art + Science of Breathwork // Next weekend, I’m joining forces with my talented friend Conni Biesalski, this time to host a free introductory workshop on all things Breathwork—if you feel inspired to join us on Jan 30th signup here.

🏔️ 30 Days of Breathwork Challenge // Conni and I will also be running a ‘30 Day Breathwork Challenge’ in mid-February. There will be community accountability, themed sessions, shared resources and live q&as ⇾ learn more + get the early-bird discount.

Publishing Poetry.

📚 Stepping into the identity of ‘poet’ // One of my intentions for 2021 is to take my identity as a poet more seriously. So as an experiment, I’m going to self-publish a modest anthology of poems under the title Remember, Forget, Remember’. If you’d like to support this poetic project, as of today you can pre-order the kindle book.

Alright, that’s all from my side, but I would love to hear from you dear reader—what is a question that you’re committed to explore in 2021 and what (if anything), could the Curious Humans community do to support you?

Stay Curious Out There!


p.s. a huge thank you to the 97 of you who purchased the Annual Review (the $1325 pretty much covered our wedding costs!)

🚙 Left // ‘Big Blue’ our four wheeled home for the next 3 weeks
📚 Middle // The cover for my upcoming kindle book ‘Remember, Forget, Remember’
❤️ Right // A birds-eye-view of our wedding ceremony on Aragon beach

Et Cetera

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