Well, this is all rather exciting...

642 signups for the meditation challenge so far! 🧘

Hello friends 👋

Just a short note to say that we’ve been slightly taken aback by the response to this—over 600 of you have signed up for the 30-day meditation challenge so far! 🥳

There have been some heart-warming introductory videos + posts in the Facebook Group—we’re thrilled that so many of you are keen to participate + commit to deepening your practice (Conni and I needed to upgrade our zoom accounts + rethink the format to accommodate for so many humans!!) 🧘

Anyhow, this is just a note to say that our initial kick-off call will be on April 1, 11am MT (5pm GMT), so there’s another 36 hours to join the challenge if you feel so inclined.

Join the Meditation Challenge

p.s. if you’ve already signed up, feel free to invite one or two friends who might be keen to play along. Just forward this email to them or share this link